1. (Source: bluette-leaves)

  2. fripperiesandfobs:

    "Starry Night" costume, 1926

    From the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens

  3. weirdvintage:

    Wedding photo, Budapest, c. 1920s (submitted by awkward-humanbeing)

  4. kittyinva:

    Kittyinva: Late 1920’s silk chiffon beaded evening dress with rhinestone adornments. Missing original underslip. A great example of the late 1920’s “transition” dress, with it’s uneven hem. From Torso.

  6. moderncorsetiere:

    corsetiere : Antiseptic Fashion

    links: Model Mayhem  | Twitter | Deviantart

    Location: USA

  7. viktors-opium:

    Summer corset.

  8. lucy-corsetry:

    Where to buy corsets for Men:

    Gentlemen wear corsets too, but sometimes it can be difficult to find makers who cater to cinching down the waist while maintaining a masculine physique.

    In my last giveaway, over 50 men wrote to me explaining how corsets provided them with back support, helped to relieve pain and anxiety, and controlled a little potbelly to fit back into their suits - not to mention they look amazing.

    The following corsetiers and businesses in this gallery are experienced in making masculine corsets.

    (Featured Photo is from The House of Canney, which I may or may not have swooned over.)

  9. moderncorsetiere:

    corsetiere : Purrfect Pineapples

    links :  Facebook  | Etsy  | Twitter

    location: Canada

  10. venefice:

    My corset for the Foundations revealed competition 2014. The theme is “Geometry” and my source of inspiration was stars, crystals, old sky maps and insects wings. If you like it,  you can read the complete diary of this corset on my facebook page. :)